The Official Website of the

Wellingborough and District Camera Club

Programme - January to March 2019

January 3rd

Colour Print Competition - Round 1.

Submit Prints On The Night by 19.40 hrs.

January 31st

Monochrome Print Competition - Round 1

Submit Prints On The Night by 19.40 hrs.

January 31st

Midphot Exhibition Entry

Submit Prints and PDI's - Absolute Deadline Club Entry

February 7th

Practical Evening

Members to Bring Items to Photograph

February 24th (Sun)

Email PDI Competition Files by 24.00 hrs.

General & Creative Colour & Mono

March 7th

Projected Image Competition (PDI) - Round 1

General & Creative Colour & Mono Email In As Above

March 7th

Inter-Club Print Battle Entry - Club Entry

Abington CC and Corby PC

Submit Prints For Selection - Absolute Deadline

March 18th (Mon)

Inter-Club Print Battle - Wellingborough CC v. Abincton CC

at Abington 19.30. hrs for 20.00 hrs.

March 16th (Sat)

The Photography Show

to 19th (Tues)

NEC Birmingham

March 20th (Weds)

Midphot Exhibition

to 24th (Sun)

Smethwick PS - Birmingham

March 28th

Show and Tell

Bring Prints and PDI Files.


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